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Posture ( Get a better version of yourself)

In this era of covid 19 where everything is digitalizing, shifted whole world into new a version where the most neglected segment in health care system is our posture. People where sitting for longer duration working from home , students attending classes from home in laptops , homemakers doing house hold activities serving family members those who are working and studying or doing any online activity. The average head weighs 10 to 12 pounds and when tilted down at a 45 degree angle the forces of gravity are multiplied by 5. While reading, studying or working on the computer with poor posture, one must support 50 or more pounds of pressure on the neck, middle and lower back for hours on end. It is no wonder why this activity is associated with headaches, neck and back pain, numbness and tingling in arms and legs, muscle spasms etc. Some studies report the lifetime prevalence of neck and shoulder pain in office workers as high as 80%. Most common complains apart from neck and back pain is tension headache, acid reflux, fatigue, low energy knee pain, low confidence, depression. People end up with taking pills twice a day no proper guidance they goolge it and do whateva they feel is correct and finally stuck with more major illness. From past 1 year and half year we treated more than 70% of cases related to postural issues in Dr. Sakshi shrivastava’s we care sports injury clinic, established in smriti nagar, bhilai , Chhattisgarh and that is the only one thing that triggered to start a campaign named STANCE ( STABILITY & COMPLAINCE ) hosted by Dr. sakshi Shrivastava coordinated by Dr. Chaitali Chowdhary in general platform where we can teach people how to check their postures, how to correct them better ergonomic solutions at the very same time In digital platform. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS !!!! stay fit!!! stay healthy !!! We care for u !!!!

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