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A lady with PSP

lots of people are suffering from neurological disorder and being in medical profession its very normal for us to see such cases in day to day life . One day i was sitting and thinking about one of my old patient who is suffering from Proximal Supra Nuclear palsy . Approximately 6 per 100,000 people suffered from this disease.

It is a kind of degenerative disease characterized by tendency to fall, loss of balance, lunging forward when moving , fast walking ,bumping on the objects. gradually patient who are suffering from this disorder start losing confidence they have fear of walking , soon they start screaming , depression start engulfing them slowly because of unable to perform their routine work.

Same happens with this lady, with increasing tendency of fall she start loosing her confidence but some where deep inside she has the flame to walk again without support. Few years before when she came to my rehab center she came with the complain of back pain , loss of balance, and obesity. I never forget that curious eyes full of hopes and trust on me she always ask me will I be fine ?? ( Sakshi mai thik to ho jaungi na re?? ) and a sweet smile came into her face with a small yes from myside. She did her workouts we had a lots of good memories together and she start feeling better but her tendency to fall was the matter of concern so for further investigation she went to several places CMC vellore , PUNE and finally come with a diagnosis of PSP.

SHE shattered with the reports and she was depressed start staying in home she barely comes out and days passed we all busy into our work and day to day activities but somewhere I always think about her and one fine day I got a call and who is in the other end my adorable patient with her trumbling voice I heard my name and with no second I recognise her and a smile came on my face she call me home as she was not going anywhere. So I decide to go to her place next day afternoon . When I reached her home wat m seeing an old lady sitting depressed, annoyed and with lot of pain , complaining and it was really a painful to see a jolly person in depression . We had a good discussion over her disorder her symptoms and rest of all the things and I convinced her to come to my rehab center

and she start feeling better she make new friends here she talks she giggles she do her rehab again she look bit confident she start doing her work she sing a song but now as nobody is there in her home apart from her husband it was very difficult to come in the center she start her rehab at home now she plays a game in her mobile, walks with her walker do her regular exercises …. it feels so good to be the part of this small small happiness and just one step – one decision and a 4 letter word HOPE which is actually very powerful and brings life !!!! Few things are not in our hand but a small step in a right direction enlightens our life!!!

!!!!One thing I always want to say some times all you need is a courage but something great will definitely come out of it !!!! stay blessed !!! stay happy !!! we care for you!!!!

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